Manic? Read This!

Good Monday Afternoon…

Have you been going through wacky days lately? I have. All last week is a blur in my mind. I don’t know if things are really any different…I mean we’re fine and all, and making it through really well. But it seemed like last week there was a crack in the universe or something. Ha!

So I didn’t post last week because I was doing my best just to get through it. If there are any folks out there going through a manic phase, please count me in as a member of the club. In fact, I’ve been a member of this one for awhile now. And it’s okay, because on this roller coaster, I have Jesus in the car riding along with me. His Presence gives me joy, hope, and strength, and peace.

For many people in “normal” times, spring brings mania along with warmer temperatures. With the beautiful weather, blue skies, birds, butterflies, and longer days – what’s not to love about it all? Happiness and joy are everywhere. It’s the reminder that summer is coming, memories of being in school. Those memories recharge my mental batteries. Nobody ever grows out of spring fever. I think it may even heighten as a person gets older, but it never goes away. School’s out! And mania is spring fever on steroids.

But in this time of COVID-19, there is an unusual and strange twist. Not only are thoughts coming like machine-gun fire – ideas, things to do and not to do, projects that are over-the-top – but the twist is that the regular way to do things can’t really be done. There’s another layer to think about, and that can throw everything into a maelstrom.

This week it’s supposed to be rainy. Yay. (Eye roll here.) Now spring rain is really wonderful. It’s sweet to know that God is watering the earth; that’s what helps to make it all so green. (Did you know that green is the color of praise?) And green is my favorite color. Anyway, rain is good and refreshing – but a deluge isn’t much fun unless you’re a duck.

So in short, this week I need to have a sharp weapon to help me. Praise be to God – He gives each one of us weapons to use in life!

Victory in life depends on our using our weapons to battle the enemy – God’s written word. As we’ve learned before, it’s about SPEAKING what The Spirit reveals to us. Satan can’t read your mind, only God is Omniscient. Only God! God knows exactly what you’re thinking all the time. Nobody else can know your thoughts.

The enemy masquerades as an angel of light. Everything he knows about you he’s learned from watching you all your life. But he doesn’t know what you’re thinking. He can suggest thoughts to you, but only God knows the working of your mind at any given moment. Suffice it to say: you must SPEAK out loud in order for your weapon to strike a blow.

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

So get your weapon out. Tomorrow morning (or tonight – or NOW) ask The Spirit to show you your weapon for this week. Then:

  1. Write it down! This helps to get it into your mind.
  2. Read it out loud ten times.
  3. Carry it around with you for awhile and read it out loud from time to time during the day. At this time, you will be on your way to memorizing it! (See you CAN memorize things – you just didn’t know that!)
  4. When the enemy comes around…and he will…SPEAK your weapon! Don’t worry about what anyone thinks. SPEAK! Christ will come to your aid in less than a New York second. SPEAK!

I’m going to do this. I’ll let you know what I received. Send me an email (address on home page under contact…) and let me know what your verse is…we can DO this thing!

Remember, if you let Him, Jesus will catch the pinball in His Hand. Then your mind won’t flash, bells won’t ding, and there will be sweet peace. Ask for your scripture and….take it out of the sheath and USE IT!