About the site…

This site would not be possible without the help of my husband, Gary.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, with all my love!  He is the ultimate computer whiz and did I say, truly, my better half.  Cliche, but true.  Check out his website:  http://www.cs.unc.edu/~gb/

I want to post some acknowledgements here…thank yous to those that I love and who teach me thousands of lessons from God:  Jonah and Hannah – both joy and delight, how can God give the two of the very best children to Gary and me?  My “children-in-law” who are newly stitched in the fabric of my soul, Stephanie, and Tristan.  Laura Jean, my kind and sweet Mama whom I love.  Our extended families, Wanda, Lorraine, Charles – who are  so amazing, forgiving, precious and loved – and who sparkle for Jesus.

My precious sisters-in-Christ, my sweet Roxanne, and my precious Michelle – the friends who I cherish with all my heart, and who adore Jesus like no other. Dearest Jan, who is God’s butterfly, and spreads the fragrance of Christ to everyone in her path, oh, I love her so much. 

“Sisters ReJoySing” – God’s first rose used by Jesus to heal many, as well as the first work that began new ministries.  As the Spirit blew the petals from this rose, each landed in a place determined by Christ and there it grows in God’s beauty.  In His time, each will be blown again, more ministries begun.  On and on it will go until Jesus comes for all of us.

My “new” sisters at FBC Hillsborough.  Thank you Friday Prayer Group, thank you Ladies Prayer Class, thank you sisters of LIFT – each overflowing with daughters of The King, who shine like diamonds. Diamonds!

My church, First Baptist Church Hillsborough.  Within the old church doors you will find a new creation in Christ!  We are alive, learning, growing, and reaching out in the Spirit of God.  All people are welcome; come and join us!  Here’s the website:  http://www.fbchillsborough.org/

My psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Van Dyck, anointed by God, kind, and wonderful. 

For these I joyfully say, “Thank You, God!”