Who’s At The Door?

Today I learned more about doors. This morning during my “Good Morning, Lord” time in the prayer chair, God showed me something I’m doing again that I had stopped previously in obedience to His direction. The mental picture He gave me was the door of my heart, and I saw a little crack where I had opened it to the enemy’s knock. The Spirit has already taught me that when I open the door of my heart to evil even a tiny bit, little by little it opens more, and before I know it, it’s opened all the way. He told me to only open the door to His Voice. I had been doing very well for several months. Until, well, until I opened it up just a crack.

Isn’t God The Most Wonderful One Ever? It’s wonderful that He would care about me to the extent of giving me a gentle rebuke. May I fall in line beginning today! And it’s amazing, you know? When I was being obedient there was sweet peace in my heart. Through the good and bad bits of life that happened every day, inside of me there was a quiet joy as I obeyed His command. But it only takes one sliver of opening the door to something that seems interesting, exciting, or to just plain curiosity before things go south. Even when God has clearly said, “No, my child. You mustn’t go there because when you put your eyes on that, you take your eyes off of Me.” You’d think I would get it. 

When we lived in New Jersey, our church brothers and sisters taught us a good rule. In the winter, it’s good to open your house doors once a week to fill the house with fresh air. They said that the fresh air helps to keep sickness down. It’s sort of weird to think about doing this when it’s so cold outside, but it literally “clears the air.”  I like to think of the Holy Spirit as a Holy Wind, and daily opening up the door to Him brings that breeze – a cleansing from the sin that has settled.

Are you willing to open the doors of your heart and let Christ inside? Or are you opening your heart to anyone who knocks? Opening up to just anyone will get you in trouble. It’s hard to remove some things once they are stuck. So who or what have you let inside your heart? Is it something that’s not good for you? Just kick it out! If you are a child of The King you have the authority to do this, and the power that you need to do it is from The Spirit right beside you at this moment.

Do you know how to hear the Voice of Jesus? If not, ask Him to teach you how to hear Him. If there is anybody in the whole Universe Who wants you to hear His Voice, it would be Yahweh!  He delights in the fact that you want to hear Him. He loves you more than you can know.

Are you manic today? Are you swinging down? Sit with The Spirit and open your heart wide to Him. Let Him come in and bring the healing balm that you need. His presence will bring you a warm, calm joy that only He provides. This is better than you can imagine, a sweet and pure cleansing. He knows just what you need right now – today. May God bless you as you open the door for Him, one day at a time.

Scripture to ponder:  Revelation 3:19-22

Today’s weapon:  “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow Me.”  John 10:27

Christ In My Hands…

Where have your hands been today?  What have they been doing?  Can you hold them up to God in worship right now as clean and holy, or do they need to be washed by The Spirit?

Have you been pointing to someone’s sin in judgement? Are you pointing in somebody’s face with anger and rage? Have you used them to hit someone today? Have you picked up a piece of reading material that you know you aren’t supposed to be reading? Have you used them to turn on the TV when you weren’t supposed to be doing that? Have you used them to make a universally understood signal of evil?  Yeah, I wrote that, and you get it. We need to pay attention to what we’re doing with our hands.

Yesterday I went to a Chrismon workshop. It’s a fun event to attend and to be with ladies who are fervent about making these beautiful ornaments that are usually found adorning Christmas trees. Many churches go above and beyond Christmas tree adorning, giving them out for important events in a church member’s life such as births, baptisms, graduations, and marriages. Making Chrismons is plain fun for those who enjoy doing crafts. There is a joy in it all and amazing beauty. I highly recommend learning how to do it!  Fun!

The teacher, Betty, is 80 years old and neither looks it nor acts like it! She is spry and there’s a sparkle in her eyes that only can come from Christ Himself. I love to watch her hands when she teaches how to bead correctly or when she helps someone correct a mistake in their beading work. She has to think about what’s happened to the work when it’s taken to her; she’ll see the mistake (for she knows just what to look for,) and then she fixes it right up, explaining where the mistake is, how it happened, and how to make it right. Betty’s beautiful hands. Beautifully used for making the birthday of Jesus special in many church bodies. Then going beyond that to make the life of His children special in all kinds of ways. Jesus has surely “kissed” her hands.

If you know Jesus, too, do you realize that The Spirit has “kissed” your hands? He has! When we allow Christ to be our Lord and Savior, we give Him everything, including our hands. The most amazing thing is that He continues to kiss our hands, even when we use them for things that they weren’t made to do. He is a God of patience and love.  Praise His Name!

Some of us sisters are notorious for having our nails done, especially in summer when our toes are sticking out of sandals for all the world to see. Our hands look nice with a fresh manicure and a splash of color on the ends. It makes you feel pretty when your nails are all done up! Are your nails done up pretty today and are your hands “acting as pretty as they look?”  Again, where have your hands been today?

I recently heard someone say in regards to reaching out in the name of Jesus, “Are you willing to get your nails dirty?” For a lady, especially one with a fresh manicure, there can be horror in the thought that all of the money spent (or if you do it yourself, the time, effort, and money as well) should be compromised by having to do something that would mar the work. We get all of this done to our nails and then try our best to keep them looking pretty for as long as possible. I remember the ad…”Playtex gloves, so flexible that you can pick up a dime.”  (Uh-oh, I’m really dating myself.) We get those nails done and then use gloves for housework and gardening.

I will continue showing my age now — I really don’t care about that — but do some of you remember the children’s song “Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See?” We sang it in Sunday School when I was a child. The second verse of that song goes like this:

“Oh, be careful little hands what you do. Oh, be careful little hands what you do. For the Father up above, is looking down with love, so be careful little hands what you do.”  

Well, are you willing to get dirt underneath those nails? What are you doing with your hands these days?  Do you realize that your hands are God’s Hands on earth, created to do the work that He planned for you before you were even born? He delights in your hands and is filled with joy as you use them in obedience to Him as you touch others in His Name! If you wear gloves when you reach out in Jesus’ Name, so that your nails won’t get dirty, others cannot feel your touch. There’s a barrier there, one made of fabric or plastic. The point is that a person would feel the holy touch of God through your hands.

Those of us that are flying up in mania or falling down in depression use our hands in all kinds of ways, too. Have you been using your hands to pull up the covers on the bed, not bothering to get up, move, and walk with Jesus out of that pit? Or have you been using your hands to switch channels on the TV until three in the morning because you have so much energy that your insides spin?

The Spirit knows just how to cleanse our Hands. We can have our hands cleansed because there was One who got His dirty. He not only got His hands dirty, but He volunteered them up for nails. This was particularly dirty, this was blood-dirty. The worst. Because He bled, all of us that choose Him have access to the “cleansing power” of His blood. “Lord, wash me and I will be whiter than snow!”

Wherever you are right now, hold your hands up to Him in worship and praise. Thank Him for your hands and ask Him to clean them up. Remember to ask for this every day. Lord cleanse me, from top to bottom, including my hands!

Do you know what I like to do? Blow Him kisses. Now there’s something wonderful to do with your hands…I do believe that He enjoys these kisses beyond measure. He has kissed your hands, so why don’t you kiss Him back?  I dare you to blow Him kisses right now. I dare you to get Him to smile at you. I dare you to love Him with all your heart….and your hands! Yay, God!

Scripture to ponder:  Psalm 18:16-29

Today’s weapon:  “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”   Proverbs 14:1

Get yourself some praying sisters…

My praying sisters just left our house.  Every other week there are six ladies who come here for prayer and fellowship.  We spend the first part of our time together talking, having fun, laughing, and just being us.  These sisters have joy in their hearts and beautiful, sparkling eyes. They love Jesus so much; He shines out of each one with a beautiful glow.  Surely they are Proverbs 31 women!

It seems as though each time we meet we grow closer as sisters-in-Christ.  I just love how God does that.  Little by little, one day at a time, we are growing in Christ.  You know, sometimes I feel as though I am totally still, not moving one whit.  I seem to be stuck where I am standing; and sometimes it seems that I am stepping backward instead of forward.  But a sister will come along and share, her countenance bright and hopeful, and then afterward I realize that together we both took another step toward Jesus.

Confession is good for the soul.  Before they got here things were going along rather well, then at the last minute, it all went haywire for me while I was getting dressed.  I fussed out loud when something that I was holding dropped on the floor.  When I went to pick it up, something else in my hands also dropped on the floor.  (Growling goes here.)  Before I knew it I was “madder than a wet setten’ hen” (thanks, Daddy.)

I  was trying to do too many things at one time, not being calm and paying attention.  I was doing things without even looking at what I was trying to do!  Goodness.  No wonder the trash didn’t hit the can because when I went to throw it away I turned my head to the next thing that I was going to do.  Note to self:  when you’re doing something, please keep your eyes and attention on what you’re doing, so that things will go well.  Ha!  Did I not learn that in kindergarten?

But as soon as each sister came through the front door, there was a sweet presence of happiness and joy.  I always love when they come to pray, for burdens are lightened.  We all get a teeny-tiny taste of heaven, when all of us will be together with God – Father, Son, and Spirit. There will be no tears, pain, or yucky stuff, only joy in the Presence of Christ, and we will fellowship all the time!

Being an “empty-nester” homemaker brings many challenges.  I know what I’m called to do right now, to be at home in order to pray quietly. HA HA HA — sorry, but only God could call a manic-leaning daughter to quiet prayer.  🙂  God has interesting ideas!  I am quite pleased to do this work for Him.  However, not many ladies are at home during the day and it is pure sweetness when they come for prayer.

Jesus is the Main Point – of course! It is He that has called this little group of us to His Throne on Fridays to come together, listen, and talk to Him.  Through the obedience, God brings layers of sweetness, and their presence is one such layer.  I am honored to have such graceful daughters-of-The-King here so that I can learn from them, but also I am very glad to be with those I love during the week day.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go to the creek and wash clothes with other ladies like they used to do long ago.  It seems that the visiting would be so fun!  But when it’s very cold or hot, I’d probably re-think it.  I confess that I do love my washer and dryer.  Hmm, some things seem to be better in the mind than in reality, do you agree?  It’s the idea of being with other ladies that makes that sound good.  It goes like this:  G-I-R-L  T-A-L-K.  Girls talk. Yeah.  So why can’t we talk to Jesus when we’re together, too?  Let’s add another One to the group!

Having praying friends is important!  Friends that are comfortable going to the Lord’s Throne with you.  Sometimes it’s awkward, even for Christians, to find ease in praying together.  We have certain ideas about how prayer is supposed to be or sound like…but it’s exactly like breathing.  We worry about how we will sound to others.  The enemy has done a good job telling us lies, and we tend to believe him on this whopper.  You will hear him lie, especially when it comes to prayer!  There is more power in prayer than we all realize.  More. Power. In. Prayer. Than. We. Know.  Did you get that?

We are talking to God exactly like we’d talk to each other, and there is no real need for a “thou” or such as that, unless that’s how you usually talk.  Hear this, get it into your mind and heart, we’re talking to Our Lord.  How precious, and how amazing to know that He not only hears us, but He listens to us.  And He talks back if we hush long enough to listen to Him.  In last year’s church-wide study, I learned that when God started talking to Adam and Eve in Eden, He showed Himself to be quite “chatty!”  And when I thought about what is written in Genesis, I said, “That’s right!”  I love that – yay, God!  Chat on!  “Speak, LORD, for your servant hears you.”

Please let me say it again to everyone, and especially to those with mental challenges: it’s vital to be connected with others.  It’s also vital to be connected to praying others.  Those who will hold your hand and walk with you straight to Jesus.  God uses others to bring about healing. In fact, that’s exactly what He’s calling the church to do…to talk to Him all together.  What a mighty God we serve!  Ask The Spirit to show you another person that will pray with you. And follow Him in obedience there.  I promise you, you will be so blessed that your heart will dance! Your feet will most likely follow suit.  And if there’s one thing I know for a fact…Jesus loves to dance!

Scripture to ponder:  Acts 2:42-47 

Today’s weapon:  “For where two or three gather my name, there am I with them.”  Matthew 18:20



And then there were friends…

Last weekend I went on a day trip with some of my sisters from church. We had such a wonderful day! We carpooled two hours away from Hillsborough in what turned out to be a beautiful drive.

The scenery was breathtaking. The light green grass in the many, many fields that we passed showed itself to be the springtime picture of dreams. I didn’t know that grass can grow in neon lime green! There are few things more beautiful than a wide open field in spring. In the soil there is literally new beginnings, new hopes.

When we left the church parking lot, the pavement was wet from rain and above us was nothing but gray clouds. Mile by mile we passed into a land with blue sky and bright sun. The air was clean and fresh and the day transformed into beauty that only God can create. Only a Mind like His can plan life like this. Life that changes four times a year, each season painting a new picture. Only God. Artist Extraordinaire.

The beauty was astounding to me, but it was not the most wonderful thing. The most important thing to my heart wasn’t the gorgeous panorama of the fields, the crisp air, or the blue sky. The sunshine that enveloped us and the dreaminess of the new spring was only the backdrop.

What made my day complete on Saturday were my sisters-in-Christ. Each one so different, and each one bringing something unique and beautiful to the table of God. When everything was put all together there was pure joy.

We laughed, we talked, we joked, we talked, we thought out things together, we talked, and we had a blast! Did I mention that we talked?There is nothing so sweet as a friend who is giggling all over herself. Laughter catches, like yawning, and before long everyone else is laughing, too! Thank you God, for friends.

If this spring finds you swinging down low and feeling bottomed out, remember that part of your healing lies in being with others! When swinging down, there is a feeling of comfort in being alone. For some people, spring brings depression instead of mania. The life inside you feels dead, so the waking-up of the earth means nothing. In fact, the newness of it all may make you feel worse.

If you’re reading this and feeling down, please hear my words. These words come from one who knows exactly what you’re going through and how you feel. God has shown me ways to work with Him through these feelings, so go through this list and see what happens:

1. Get with Jesus. Sit in a favorite spot in your house with a cup of coffee, or tea, and talk to Him as your Best Friend and Lord. That is Who He Is. He is The One who loves you like no other ever has or ever will. Be quiet as well, and listen. As you do this regularly you will begin to learn how to hear Him. Step by step, follow His lead as He takes your hand and walks with you out of the pit.

2. Make sure that you open every curtain or shade in your house in the morning.  As soon as you’re awake, fix things so that there is light inside your house. Even on cloudy days make sure that daylight pervades the rooms where you are.

3. Move. Doesn’t matter how or where…but move around. Even if you walk from room to room (like Lina Dowd – see a previous blog I wrote) – just move. Make yourself get on your feet and walk around.

4. Turn on praise music. God Himself inhabits the praise of His children. The Spirit somehow enters into the praise and when you listen, it seeps into your soul. Choose the music well; allow the Spirit to help you choose what you need to hear.  Just any kind of music won’t do.

5. Be with others. If you are employed outside the home, be with others outside of work. While at work you’re doing your job and paying attention to what needs to be done, so being with people at work doesn’t count.  So after work, get with others in a different place. If you stay at home, leave the house and be with others. Don’t stay inside; move out where others are, and be with people. Family counts as well – so be present with your family. And it would be a great idea to get outside of the house with your family. Do your best to be with others as much as possible each day.

Our Lord surrounded Himself with friends. The disciples were His friends, (of course, right?) but there were also others that He called friends such as Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. We don’t know the names of all of His friends, but He had them! Everything He did in His life was important, and having friends was a part of His life. In fact, we are His friends; see John 15:15. Allow God to surround you with friends.

I need you. You need me. We need each other. You bring something to God’s table that I don’t possess and I have to be there to receive that part of God through you! So being with you is part of my healing from the lows…and the highs as well.  Being with you is pure joy.

Thank you, dear God, for my sweet sisters-in-Christ. Thank you, precious sisters, for your love and patience with me. May God bring you one-thousand times the joy you bring to my heart!

Scripture to ponder:  Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Your weapon for today:  “There is no fear in love…”  1 John 4:18a

Are You Running on Empty?

Have you ever put off getting gas in your car?  “I’ll do that tomorrow,” you say to yourself.  “I have enough to get me through the day.”  Then, if you’re like me, the following happens:  I leave the house at a time when I will just make it to where I need to be.  I climb into Pearl (that’s my car,) crank her up, and eyeball the indicators as I’m supposed to do.  Then I cry, “Oh no! I forgot to get gas!”

Trying my best not to imitate Jeff Gordon at the Charlotte speedway, I get to the gas station to fill up while saying, “Hurry Ivy Hurry!”  Thank you, Lord, for card-swiping gas pumps.  Who wants to have to go into the station?  You only do that if you want a Coke.

Jumping into the car, I haul it all down the road as fast as possible to get to my destination.  Now why didn’t I put gas in Pearl earlier, when I had time and didn’t have to rush?  Why did I put it off until the last minute?  Why didn’t I AT LEAST write a note to remind me that I needed gas so that I could have left the house sooner?

That, my friends, is how we treat prayer.  We put off praying until we are desperate, until someone we love is sick, or when we are very needy in some way.  God is put on the back burner.

We are good at what I call “soap opera praying.” Long ago, I watched soap operas, but not anymore.  On the soaps, when someone was sick, in an accident, or in the hospital, you’d find the characters in the hospital chapel, praying for their friend or loved one to get better.  They would talk to God and ask Him to please spare the one who was hurt or sick.  Then whatever was going to happen would happen, and in the next day or two, there they were – living like they did before the hospital scene.  God was forgotten because, hey, the situation was over.

“We’ll check ya later, God…right now we’re good!”  Do you know what that is?  Running on empty!  Taking God for granted and thinking that whenever we need Him, well, that’s when we’ll call.  Besides, we have His number, right?  1-800-just-holler – and He’ll be right there.

Dear ones, hear me.  If we only talk to God when something’s wrong we are totally missing The Point.  Jesus is The Point.  We were created to enjoy fellowship with God, to hang out with Him.  Christ died to build a bridge so that we can once again go to the Throne of God.  We have the awesome opportunity to sit at His Feet and listen to His Voice.  Do you realize how much it cost God the Father to give you the opportunity to talk to Him?  I never cease to be amazed when I think about how much God loves us.  Wow.

The next time you get in your car or fill up your gas tank, it is my prayer that you will remember reading this and right then and there begin a conversation with your Father.  The Spirit is already right beside you so why don’t you say something?   Please don’t wait until things are going wrong in your life to talk to God.  You’re stealing from yourself.  In fact, why not talk to Him right now?

Prayer is vital for all, and especially vital for anyone suffering from depression or being bipolar.  I can personally testify that prayer is one wild ride with The Spirit of God.  You will never, ever be the same, because the abundant life will grab you and never let go.  Yay, God!

Scripture to ponder:  Jeremiah 33:1-3 

Your weapon for today:  “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Singing In The Dark

“When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll…whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, “It is well, it is well, with my soul.”  Can you hear it?  This hymn resounds throughout the years with words that bring truth.  The beauty of the melody and the healing of the words are paired up in such a way that moves our souls.

The husband of a dear friend just passed to glory.  I’m sitting here thinking of the journey of life and how God watches us the whole way.

Life goes by so fast.  When I was young, I remember hearing my grandparents tell me that the older you get the faster time flies.  I always laughed when I heard that.  At the time it seemed like forever for things to happen: Christmas, birthdays, summer, being old enough to drive, the list goes on and on.  But Granny and Papa Foy were right.  The older I get the faster things seem to happen…why, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and it feels as though it was Christmas only yesterday.  Didn’t I just get that tree put away in the attic?  Why, it’s almost Easter!

It all whizzes by and then we’re faced with losing the ones we love as they pass into glory.  No one is ever ready for such a thing, but as time goes by, well, here it comes.  It is an extreme comfort to know that our Lord holds all things.  He welcomes His children home every day that rolls around.  What would we do without Jesus?  I don’t want to know; and praise His Name, I won’t have to know.  If you know Him personally, you won’t have to know, either.

Whatever comes our way we know that The Spirit will hold us, guide us, and give us everything we need as we focus on Him.  Our Father knows how we feel when we lose a loved one because He allowed His Son to die.  He knows how it feels on a deeper level than we ever could because He had to turn His back on the sin that Jesus was bearing for us.  I think that this fact was, for Jesus, way worse than nails, thorns, and the cross.  God totally gets it, of course, and for that I’m thankful because He can reach into the deepest places in our souls and bring healing to parts that we don’t even know exist within us.  He knows how to bring joy in the middle of deep sorrow and hard tears.

This is what I call “singing in the dark.”  The Spirit of God teaches us how to sing in the dark places of our lives.  This is a hard lesson to learn but as we follow in step with Christ, we learn it better, and along the way we find great comfort.  Guess what?  There is healing in praise.

Whether you have lost a loved one, are in the depths of depression, or in a very low place in your life, you can be assured that learning how to sing in the dark will be a comfort.  Allow The Spirit inside your pain.  It’s when you learn how to sing in the dark that singing in the light will take on new meaning.  In time, the joy of The Spirit will come upon you and make your insides glow.  That glow?  It’s pure Jesus.  Pure love.

Scripture to ponder:  Acts 16:22-34

Your weapon for today:  “Because You are my help, I sing in the shadow of Your wings.”   Psalm 63:7


Today I’m thinking about the word “broken.”  A couple of weeks ago I attended a women’s event to hear Ann Voskamp speak.  She penned the book “One Thousand Gifts” and now she has a new book, “The Broken Way.”  She spoke about being broken and I’ve been thinking about that word.

Broken.  The church is made up of broken people.  Everyone on the planet is broken in some way. Many believe that Christians think that we are perfect in every way, and some people have actually come across like that in their words and actions. But those who know Christ personally understand the truth.  We are broken people that allow Christ to step into our brokenness in order to repair it all – step by step, one thing at a time, “from glory to glory.” We have taken His Hand and His Heart, and have willingly run into His Arms. We believe that He came to earth, died for our sins, rose again on the third day, ascended to His Father, and will return in glory to receive those who are His. He came to a broken world to heal broken people. To offer them a bridge over the river of sin so that we can go back to the Throne of God.

The definition of “broken” is “reduced to fragments, ruptured, torn, fractured.”

Imagine a crystal vase. Think expensive, think Waterford. Where would you put a $1200 Waterford vase if you owned one? I don’t know about you, but I would put it in a place where it wouldn’t be touched. Probably in my china cabinet behind the door. Well, that’s where my mother-in-law’s crystal glasses live…so nobody will break them. Maybe you do own such a vase (can I come see it? I do love dishes.) When anyone came anywhere near it, I would do a “fast walk” (not a run, that would look really bad) into the dining room just to make sure that things were fine and that hands weren’t near it.  You know what that means? The vase would own me, not the other way around.  Sad.

We are God’s loved and adored people, His creation, the ones that when He created us, He said, “This is very good.” (The italics are mine.) He sees us as worth myriads more than a $1200 dollar piece of crystal – there’s no comparison. We’re worth enough to allow His Son to die for us. Every day our Father, Jesus His Son, and The Holy Spirit watch parts of their creation break. “Bull in a china shop” break.  We are broken people and that’s why Jesus came. To put us back together.

Bipolar and depressed people are among the broken. We are broken in an unusual way. We break in different shapes and in odd places. To someone it may appear as though we’re broken in a place where a break would not usually occur…an odd configuration.  God is an Expert in the repair of brokenness, especially in the odd and unusual places.  A professional expert in glass repair knows the proper (and improper) ways to repair glass. There are many methods to do it: grinding and polishing, reshaping the piece, and maybe using certain specialized epoxies. There’s an art to repairing broken crystal and it takes a professional to do it right. Each one of us is broken in a different place and in a different way, and each one of us must be repaired individually. God is the Master Artist and He knows how to repair each one of us properly.

Are you broken today? Allow the Master Artist to put your pieces back together again. He’s right there at your side while you read this. Just ask Him. No fancy words are needed, only your willingness to allow Him into the broken depression or mania. You are not His robot. God has given you free-will and you get to make the choice to let Him into the brokenness.

Please let Him in; His repairs show the work to be even more beautiful than it was before the break.  Then when His Light shines on you, the sanded, polished and reshaped places sparkle much brighter, as the magnificent creation that they are!

Scripture to ponder:  Daniel 4:34                   

Your weapon for today:  “The LORD is with me; He is my helper. I look in triumph on my enemies.”  Psalm 118:7

Spring is on the way…..and you know what that means…

This is the first post on my site.  It’s my present intention to write on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I know it’s Wednesday, but today is special – I feel His Presence today in a unique way.  He is here.  He is always here…but today He is HERE.  I feel that He is saying, “Go now.”  I respond with a resounding “Yes, Lord!”  So even though I am presently thinking Tuesdays and Fridays, He may have something else in mind, because He is in charge.  Bear with me here, and let me warn you — I am a joyful daughter of The King and there will be many, many times you will read the word “Yay!”  I am a joyful one because God heals me every day. You see, I am bi-polar and “I know from whence I speak.”

At the end of each post is a scripture to read and think about.  The Spirit will teach you as you read, just think about the words and listen to Him.  You will also see a “weapon for today.”  We have one weapon:  the word of God.  It is our sword against the enemy.  To wage war you must use your weapon.  How do you use this one weapon?  You must speak!  Read it, write it down on a card if you need to do so, and speak it all day – for many days.

This blog is for everyone, and yet I pray that these thoughts that God sends will help those who are challenged with mental issues.  He is the Ultimate Healer – He is The Way, Truth, and Life, and He is The One that loves us most of all. Yay for Jesus! He is our Strong Advocate and Loving Savior.  He knows you like no other could ever know you…and He loves you right now, right where you are, just as you are.  Praise His Holy Name!

And away we go – I’m dancing for The Father, pouring flowers on The Feet of The Son, and walking in the forest with The Spirit of God…


For those who are bi-polar, spring can unleash the “up” in your mind and can bring on mania.  The weather is getting nicer, the daylight hours are longer with the time change, and God’s world begins to wake up from it’s winter nap.  The brightness of it all can turn the volume up on your mental “sound system.”

Feeling better and better, you’re apt to begin doing the manic things.  Staying up late, talking fast, buying too much, doing too much – all of these things (and there are more) are indications that things are ramping to the sky.  The earth is beautiful and life is wonderful!  Blue skies are overhead and the warmth of the sun kisses your skin.  All of that makes you feel even better.  “Up!” your mind screams.  “Get up, get up, get up and go!”

It’s always vital for every Christian to begin their day at Jesus’ Feet.  It’s especially vital for the Christian bi-polar to begin their day at Jesus Feet.  As you accept His morning invitation to sit with Him, being still and allowing His Presence to fill you up, you will find a calmness and a peace that can still your soul.  Then take that peace with you all day long and you can meet mania head-on throughout the day.  But you must remember that it is Jesus Who does the fighting through you;  you can’t do this yourself.  Victory belongs to Christ – He alone has the power to win the skirmishes.  You must talk with Him and lean on Him all day.

Things to remember as you meet with Jesus in the morning:  Do NOT feel guilty about your lack of this or that!  The enemy would have you think that you have to spend a certain amount of time with Jesus in order for it to count.  No, no, no, no, no.  There is no “time amount.”  Everyone has good days, bad days, and days that fall in between.  Jesus is The Point.  Not the “how” but the “Who!”  Don’t feel guilty about falling asleep or having your mind wander.  We are all human.  Just gently go back to your previous words to Him or your listening to His Spirit.  God doesn’t love you any less because you fell asleep or your mind wandered away.  Don’t be so hard on yourself…just correct it.  Warning:  if you decide to stop because you aren’t “getting it right” you are giving the enemy joy.  Don’t stop – there’s power in your prayer!

Imagine a box.  You get to do this in your own mind…see a box there, how does it look?  (Don’t take a long time designing it, or you’ll be stuck at this point all day and this gets nothing done.)  Put your mania in this box and lay it down at the Feet of Jesus.  Back up a teeny bit and sit down on this beautiful soft cushion that He set for you.  Ask Him for help and allow His Spirit to calm your heart and still your soul.  Allow The Spirit time to speak to you and give you what He knows that you need for this day.  He is your Help…He is your Hope…He is your “Calm.”  You – and everyone around you – will feel His calmness as you go through the day.

Let Him take your mania today, right now.   Filling your soul with the Spirit feels WAY better than the mania does….”I know from whence I speak.”

Scripture to ponder:  Mark 4:35-41

Your weapon for today:  “For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace…”  I Corinthians 14:33a