Are You Running on Empty?

Have you ever put off getting gas in your car?  “I’ll do that tomorrow,” you say to yourself.  “I have enough to get me through the day.”  Then, if you’re like me, the following happens:  I leave the house at a time when I will just make it to where I need to be.  I climb into Pearl (that’s my car,) crank her up, and eyeball the indicators as I’m supposed to do.  Then I cry, “Oh no! I forgot to get gas!”

Trying my best not to imitate Jeff Gordon at the Charlotte speedway, I get to the gas station to fill up while saying, “Hurry Ivy Hurry!”  Thank you, Lord, for card-swiping gas pumps.  Who wants to have to go into the station?  You only do that if you want a Coke.

Jumping into the car, I haul it all down the road as fast as possible to get to my destination.  Now why didn’t I put gas in Pearl earlier, when I had time and didn’t have to rush?  Why did I put it off until the last minute?  Why didn’t I AT LEAST write a note to remind me that I needed gas so that I could have left the house sooner?

That, my friends, is how we treat prayer.  We put off praying until we are desperate, until someone we love is sick, or when we are very needy in some way.  God is put on the back burner.

We are good at what I call “soap opera praying.” Long ago, I watched soap operas, but not anymore.  On the soaps, when someone was sick, in an accident, or in the hospital, you’d find the characters in the hospital chapel, praying for their friend or loved one to get better.  They would talk to God and ask Him to please spare the one who was hurt or sick.  Then whatever was going to happen would happen, and in the next day or two, there they were – living like they did before the hospital scene.  God was forgotten because, hey, the situation was over.

“We’ll check ya later, God…right now we’re good!”  Do you know what that is?  Running on empty!  Taking God for granted and thinking that whenever we need Him, well, that’s when we’ll call.  Besides, we have His number, right?  1-800-just-holler – and He’ll be right there.

Dear ones, hear me.  If we only talk to God when something’s wrong we are totally missing The Point.  Jesus is The Point.  We were created to enjoy fellowship with God, to hang out with Him.  Christ died to build a bridge so that we can once again go to the Throne of God.  We have the awesome opportunity to sit at His Feet and listen to His Voice.  Do you realize how much it cost God the Father to give you the opportunity to talk to Him?  I never cease to be amazed when I think about how much God loves us.  Wow.

The next time you get in your car or fill up your gas tank, it is my prayer that you will remember reading this and right then and there begin a conversation with your Father.  The Spirit is already right beside you so why don’t you say something?   Please don’t wait until things are going wrong in your life to talk to God.  You’re stealing from yourself.  In fact, why not talk to Him right now?

Prayer is vital for all, and especially vital for anyone suffering from depression or being bipolar.  I can personally testify that prayer is one wild ride with The Spirit of God.  You will never, ever be the same, because the abundant life will grab you and never let go.  Yay, God!

Scripture to ponder:  Jeremiah 33:1-3 

Your weapon for today:  “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18