And then there were friends…

Last weekend I went on a day trip with some of my sisters from church. We had such a wonderful day! We carpooled two hours away from Hillsborough in what turned out to be a beautiful drive.

The scenery was breathtaking. The light green grass in the many, many fields that we passed showed itself to be the springtime picture of dreams. I didn’t know that grass can grow in neon lime green! There are few things more beautiful than a wide open field in spring. In the soil there is literally new beginnings, new hopes.

When we left the church parking lot, the pavement was wet from rain and above us was nothing but gray clouds. Mile by mile we passed into a land with blue sky and bright sun. The air was clean and fresh and the day transformed into beauty that only God can create. Only a Mind like His can plan life like this. Life that changes four times a year, each season painting a new picture. Only God. Artist Extraordinaire.

The beauty was astounding to me, but it was not the most wonderful thing. The most important thing to my heart wasn’t the gorgeous panorama of the fields, the crisp air, or the blue sky. The sunshine that enveloped us and the dreaminess of the new spring was only the backdrop.

What made my day complete on Saturday were my sisters-in-Christ. Each one so different, and each one bringing something unique and beautiful to the table of God. When everything was put all together there was pure joy.

We laughed, we talked, we joked, we talked, we thought out things together, we talked, and we had a blast! Did I mention that we talked?There is nothing so sweet as a friend who is giggling all over herself. Laughter catches, like yawning, and before long everyone else is laughing, too! Thank you God, for friends.

If this spring finds you swinging down low and feeling bottomed out, remember that part of your healing lies in being with others! When swinging down, there is a feeling of comfort in being alone. For some people, spring brings depression instead of mania. The life inside you feels dead, so the waking-up of the earth means nothing. In fact, the newness of it all may make you feel worse.

If you’re reading this and feeling down, please hear my words. These words come from one who knows exactly what you’re going through and how you feel. God has shown me ways to work with Him through these feelings, so go through this list and see what happens:

1. Get with Jesus. Sit in a favorite spot in your house with a cup of coffee, or tea, and talk to Him as your Best Friend and Lord. That is Who He Is. He is The One who loves you like no other ever has or ever will. Be quiet as well, and listen. As you do this regularly you will begin to learn how to hear Him. Step by step, follow His lead as He takes your hand and walks with you out of the pit.

2. Make sure that you open every curtain or shade in your house in the morning.  As soon as you’re awake, fix things so that there is light inside your house. Even on cloudy days make sure that daylight pervades the rooms where you are.

3. Move. Doesn’t matter how or where…but move around. Even if you walk from room to room (like Lina Dowd – see a previous blog I wrote) – just move. Make yourself get on your feet and walk around.

4. Turn on praise music. God Himself inhabits the praise of His children. The Spirit somehow enters into the praise and when you listen, it seeps into your soul. Choose the music well; allow the Spirit to help you choose what you need to hear.  Just any kind of music won’t do.

5. Be with others. If you are employed outside the home, be with others outside of work. While at work you’re doing your job and paying attention to what needs to be done, so being with people at work doesn’t count.  So after work, get with others in a different place. If you stay at home, leave the house and be with others. Don’t stay inside; move out where others are, and be with people. Family counts as well – so be present with your family. And it would be a great idea to get outside of the house with your family. Do your best to be with others as much as possible each day.

Our Lord surrounded Himself with friends. The disciples were His friends, (of course, right?) but there were also others that He called friends such as Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. We don’t know the names of all of His friends, but He had them! Everything He did in His life was important, and having friends was a part of His life. In fact, we are His friends; see John 15:15. Allow God to surround you with friends.

I need you. You need me. We need each other. You bring something to God’s table that I don’t possess and I have to be there to receive that part of God through you! So being with you is part of my healing from the lows…and the highs as well.  Being with you is pure joy.

Thank you, dear God, for my sweet sisters-in-Christ. Thank you, precious sisters, for your love and patience with me. May God bring you one-thousand times the joy you bring to my heart!

Scripture to ponder:  Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Your weapon for today:  “There is no fear in love…”  1 John 4:18a