Get yourself some praying sisters…

My praying sisters just left our house.  Every other week there are six ladies who come here for prayer and fellowship.  We spend the first part of our time together talking, having fun, laughing, and just being us.  These sisters have joy in their hearts and beautiful, sparkling eyes. They love Jesus so much; He shines out of each one with a beautiful glow.  Surely they are Proverbs 31 women!

It seems as though each time we meet we grow closer as sisters-in-Christ.  I just love how God does that.  Little by little, one day at a time, we are growing in Christ.  You know, sometimes I feel as though I am totally still, not moving one whit.  I seem to be stuck where I am standing; and sometimes it seems that I am stepping backward instead of forward.  But a sister will come along and share, her countenance bright and hopeful, and then afterward I realize that together we both took another step toward Jesus.

Confession is good for the soul.  Before they got here things were going along rather well, then at the last minute, it all went haywire for me while I was getting dressed.  I fussed out loud when something that I was holding dropped on the floor.  When I went to pick it up, something else in my hands also dropped on the floor.  (Growling goes here.)  Before I knew it I was “madder than a wet setten’ hen” (thanks, Daddy.)

I  was trying to do too many things at one time, not being calm and paying attention.  I was doing things without even looking at what I was trying to do!  Goodness.  No wonder the trash didn’t hit the can because when I went to throw it away I turned my head to the next thing that I was going to do.  Note to self:  when you’re doing something, please keep your eyes and attention on what you’re doing, so that things will go well.  Ha!  Did I not learn that in kindergarten?

But as soon as each sister came through the front door, there was a sweet presence of happiness and joy.  I always love when they come to pray, for burdens are lightened.  We all get a teeny-tiny taste of heaven, when all of us will be together with God – Father, Son, and Spirit. There will be no tears, pain, or yucky stuff, only joy in the Presence of Christ, and we will fellowship all the time!

Being an “empty-nester” homemaker brings many challenges.  I know what I’m called to do right now, to be at home in order to pray quietly. HA HA HA — sorry, but only God could call a manic-leaning daughter to quiet prayer.  🙂  God has interesting ideas!  I am quite pleased to do this work for Him.  However, not many ladies are at home during the day and it is pure sweetness when they come for prayer.

Jesus is the Main Point – of course! It is He that has called this little group of us to His Throne on Fridays to come together, listen, and talk to Him.  Through the obedience, God brings layers of sweetness, and their presence is one such layer.  I am honored to have such graceful daughters-of-The-King here so that I can learn from them, but also I am very glad to be with those I love during the week day.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go to the creek and wash clothes with other ladies like they used to do long ago.  It seems that the visiting would be so fun!  But when it’s very cold or hot, I’d probably re-think it.  I confess that I do love my washer and dryer.  Hmm, some things seem to be better in the mind than in reality, do you agree?  It’s the idea of being with other ladies that makes that sound good.  It goes like this:  G-I-R-L  T-A-L-K.  Girls talk. Yeah.  So why can’t we talk to Jesus when we’re together, too?  Let’s add another One to the group!

Having praying friends is important!  Friends that are comfortable going to the Lord’s Throne with you.  Sometimes it’s awkward, even for Christians, to find ease in praying together.  We have certain ideas about how prayer is supposed to be or sound like…but it’s exactly like breathing.  We worry about how we will sound to others.  The enemy has done a good job telling us lies, and we tend to believe him on this whopper.  You will hear him lie, especially when it comes to prayer!  There is more power in prayer than we all realize.  More. Power. In. Prayer. Than. We. Know.  Did you get that?

We are talking to God exactly like we’d talk to each other, and there is no real need for a “thou” or such as that, unless that’s how you usually talk.  Hear this, get it into your mind and heart, we’re talking to Our Lord.  How precious, and how amazing to know that He not only hears us, but He listens to us.  And He talks back if we hush long enough to listen to Him.  In last year’s church-wide study, I learned that when God started talking to Adam and Eve in Eden, He showed Himself to be quite “chatty!”  And when I thought about what is written in Genesis, I said, “That’s right!”  I love that – yay, God!  Chat on!  “Speak, LORD, for your servant hears you.”

Please let me say it again to everyone, and especially to those with mental challenges: it’s vital to be connected with others.  It’s also vital to be connected to praying others.  Those who will hold your hand and walk with you straight to Jesus.  God uses others to bring about healing. In fact, that’s exactly what He’s calling the church to do…to talk to Him all together.  What a mighty God we serve!  Ask The Spirit to show you another person that will pray with you. And follow Him in obedience there.  I promise you, you will be so blessed that your heart will dance! Your feet will most likely follow suit.  And if there’s one thing I know for a fact…Jesus loves to dance!

Scripture to ponder:  Acts 2:42-47 

Today’s weapon:  “For where two or three gather my name, there am I with them.”  Matthew 18:20