Light The Day Up!

Hey there, everyone!

How are you doing with the “stay at home” issue these days? It’s so hard not to see people and do things that you’re used to doing. Around here, we’re having a hard time remembering the days of the week! Is it Monday or Thursday? It can be very difficult to keep a positive mindset when every day is the same thing over and over.

We’re slowly going over the things that The Spirit is revealing to us in order to help as we are in this COVID-19 world right now. Let’s keep going!

In the morning when you rise and shine…you receive God’s Love and Company. Remember – this is vital to everything in your life from now till eternity…so doing that is number one.

The next thing is to turn on every light where you will be in the house. Open all the curtains and let as much light in as possible. It’s helpful when the weather is good to go outside and soak up the light, even if it’s cloudy. You have received The SON, now receive the sun. Light, light, and more light. It is good for you, soul and body.

Everywhere you go in the morning get those lights on as quickly as you can do so. Morning sun is good for your circadian rhythm and it will help you sleep better at night. Sunlight lifts your mood, boosts your Vitamin D and helps your immune system.

When I was a girl, I was a member of the Baptist organization for girls called Girls In Action (GA’s.) Our “watchword” was Isaiah 60:1a. “Arise, shine; for thy Light is come…” When you hear God’s word a billion times, it’s bound to stick. It’s all about Light, and light.

“Arise, shine…” “Get up, pick up your mat and walk.” God’s word is full of encouragement to get going. Tomorrow morning, do it. Get going!