Spring is on the way…..and you know what that means…

This is the first post on my site.  It’s my present intention to write on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I know it’s Wednesday, but today is special – I feel His Presence today in a unique way.  He is here.  He is always here…but today He is HERE.  I feel that He is saying, “Go now.”  I respond with a resounding “Yes, Lord!”  So even though I am presently thinking Tuesdays and Fridays, He may have something else in mind, because He is in charge.  Bear with me here, and let me warn you — I am a joyful daughter of The King and there will be many, many times you will read the word “Yay!”  I am a joyful one because God heals me every day. You see, I am bi-polar and “I know from whence I speak.”

At the end of each post is a scripture to read and think about.  The Spirit will teach you as you read, just think about the words and listen to Him.  You will also see a “weapon for today.”  We have one weapon:  the word of God.  It is our sword against the enemy.  To wage war you must use your weapon.  How do you use this one weapon?  You must speak!  Read it, write it down on a card if you need to do so, and speak it all day – for many days.

This blog is for everyone, and yet I pray that these thoughts that God sends will help those who are challenged with mental issues.  He is the Ultimate Healer – He is The Way, Truth, and Life, and He is The One that loves us most of all. Yay for Jesus! He is our Strong Advocate and Loving Savior.  He knows you like no other could ever know you…and He loves you right now, right where you are, just as you are.  Praise His Holy Name!

And away we go – I’m dancing for The Father, pouring flowers on The Feet of The Son, and walking in the forest with The Spirit of God…


For those who are bi-polar, spring can unleash the “up” in your mind and can bring on mania.  The weather is getting nicer, the daylight hours are longer with the time change, and God’s world begins to wake up from it’s winter nap.  The brightness of it all can turn the volume up on your mental “sound system.”

Feeling better and better, you’re apt to begin doing the manic things.  Staying up late, talking fast, buying too much, doing too much – all of these things (and there are more) are indications that things are ramping to the sky.  The earth is beautiful and life is wonderful!  Blue skies are overhead and the warmth of the sun kisses your skin.  All of that makes you feel even better.  “Up!” your mind screams.  “Get up, get up, get up and go!”

It’s always vital for every Christian to begin their day at Jesus’ Feet.  It’s especially vital for the Christian bi-polar to begin their day at Jesus Feet.  As you accept His morning invitation to sit with Him, being still and allowing His Presence to fill you up, you will find a calmness and a peace that can still your soul.  Then take that peace with you all day long and you can meet mania head-on throughout the day.  But you must remember that it is Jesus Who does the fighting through you;  you can’t do this yourself.  Victory belongs to Christ – He alone has the power to win the skirmishes.  You must talk with Him and lean on Him all day.

Things to remember as you meet with Jesus in the morning:  Do NOT feel guilty about your lack of this or that!  The enemy would have you think that you have to spend a certain amount of time with Jesus in order for it to count.  No, no, no, no, no.  There is no “time amount.”  Everyone has good days, bad days, and days that fall in between.  Jesus is The Point.  Not the “how” but the “Who!”  Don’t feel guilty about falling asleep or having your mind wander.  We are all human.  Just gently go back to your previous words to Him or your listening to His Spirit.  God doesn’t love you any less because you fell asleep or your mind wandered away.  Don’t be so hard on yourself…just correct it.  Warning:  if you decide to stop because you aren’t “getting it right” you are giving the enemy joy.  Don’t stop – there’s power in your prayer!

Imagine a box.  You get to do this in your own mind…see a box there, how does it look?  (Don’t take a long time designing it, or you’ll be stuck at this point all day and this gets nothing done.)  Put your mania in this box and lay it down at the Feet of Jesus.  Back up a teeny bit and sit down on this beautiful soft cushion that He set for you.  Ask Him for help and allow His Spirit to calm your heart and still your soul.  Allow The Spirit time to speak to you and give you what He knows that you need for this day.  He is your Help…He is your Hope…He is your “Calm.”  You – and everyone around you – will feel His calmness as you go through the day.

Let Him take your mania today, right now.   Filling your soul with the Spirit feels WAY better than the mania does….”I know from whence I speak.”

Scripture to ponder:  Mark 4:35-41

Your weapon for today:  “For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace…”  I Corinthians 14:33a