Who’s At The Door?

Today I learned more about doors. This morning during my “Good Morning, Lord” time in the prayer chair, God showed me something I’m doing again that I had stopped previously in obedience to His direction. The mental picture He gave me was the door of my heart, and I saw a little crack where I had opened it to the enemy’s knock. The Spirit has already taught me that when I open the door of my heart to evil even a tiny bit, little by little it opens more, and before I know it, it’s opened all the way. He told me to only open the door to His Voice. I had been doing very well for several months. Until, well, until I opened it up just a crack.

Isn’t God The Most Wonderful One Ever? It’s wonderful that He would care about me to the extent of giving me a gentle rebuke. May I fall in line beginning today! And it’s amazing, you know? When I was being obedient there was sweet peace in my heart. Through the good and bad bits of life that happened every day, inside of me there was a quiet joy as I obeyed His command. But it only takes one sliver of opening the door to something that seems interesting, exciting, or to just plain curiosity before things go south. Even when God has clearly said, “No, my child. You mustn’t go there because when you put your eyes on that, you take your eyes off of Me.” You’d think I would get it. 

When we lived in New Jersey, our church brothers and sisters taught us a good rule. In the winter, it’s good to open your house doors once a week to fill the house with fresh air. They said that the fresh air helps to keep sickness down. It’s sort of weird to think about doing this when it’s so cold outside, but it literally “clears the air.”  I like to think of the Holy Spirit as a Holy Wind, and daily opening up the door to Him brings that breeze – a cleansing from the sin that has settled.

Are you willing to open the doors of your heart and let Christ inside? Or are you opening your heart to anyone who knocks? Opening up to just anyone will get you in trouble. It’s hard to remove some things once they are stuck. So who or what have you let inside your heart? Is it something that’s not good for you? Just kick it out! If you are a child of The King you have the authority to do this, and the power that you need to do it is from The Spirit right beside you at this moment.

Do you know how to hear the Voice of Jesus? If not, ask Him to teach you how to hear Him. If there is anybody in the whole Universe Who wants you to hear His Voice, it would be Yahweh!  He delights in the fact that you want to hear Him. He loves you more than you can know.

Are you manic today? Are you swinging down? Sit with The Spirit and open your heart wide to Him. Let Him come in and bring the healing balm that you need. His presence will bring you a warm, calm joy that only He provides. This is better than you can imagine, a sweet and pure cleansing. He knows just what you need right now – today. May God bless you as you open the door for Him, one day at a time.

Scripture to ponder:  Revelation 3:19-22

Today’s weapon:  “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow Me.”  John 10:27