Christ In Spring

“I wandered lonely as a cloud / that floats on high o’er vales and hills, / When all at once I saw a crowd, / a host, of golden daffodils; / beside the lake, / beneath the trees, / fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”

The beauty of spring is making me think of this famous poem by William Wordsworth.  It is so beautiful outside!  Even though the wind is blowing like crazy, the buds and the blooming of early-arriving plants have made my heart sing.  There are tiny leaves on our trees as they wake up from their winter’s sleep.

My Casablanca lilies are already a foot high!  I am amazed every year how they pop up.  The blooms in the summer are as big as a large salad plate.  They are fragrant and so beautiful. God outdid Himself when He created all of this!

The birds are singing louder and I have already seen one little female with nesting material in her beak, looking to build a nest for the eggs that are on the way.  Gary put our hummingbird feeder up and we’re ready to see the first ones of the season.  We love those little birds.  The males come first and battle it out, claiming their territory and waiting until the females arrive. They’re funny when they battle, spreading their little tails as wide as possible so they can look really big and “scary” to the other one.

Pollen is covering our porch and deck and I think I’ll just wait to clean it up when it’s all fallen. Everything outside has a light yellow hue; it only disappears temporarily after a spring rain. Spring has certainly sprung!

I like to think that in heaven, we’ll be able to sit with Jesus in a huge field of lilies, roses (minus the thorns,) and baby’s breath.  The soil will be soft, the grasses and flowers fragrant.  There will be a light breeze.  The brightness of the glory of God will make everything just the right temperature.  Jesus will lean back on a big rock and tell us stories, the ones that aren’t written down.  The joy in our hearts will be rich and full.  That’s how I see things.

The beauty of the season has captured my heart and makes me want to dance in the yard! Only God could come up with this kind of loveliness.  Heaven is supposed to be more beautiful than this, and I’m thinking that it will be spellbinding.

God spoke all of this into being.  His Word is power and is eternal…and somewhere way, way out there, light is coming forth.  It makes me want to fall at His Feet and tell Him thank you a million times over, just for the joy that He gave my heart when I saw the breeze blow the budding trees today.

It’s great living where there are four seasons!  By the time you get tired of one, here comes another to take it’s place.  It’s never dull, that’s for sure.  The Hand of God is amazing; He is the Ultimate Artist, and knows just how to paint the earth.   I do hope if you’re reading this that you will take time to go outside and take in this springtime beauty.

If you’re swinging up…take into your soul the calm beauty of a gentle breeze and birdsong while you sit quietly in a chair outside.  Allow The Spirit of God to anoint you with the peace that only He can give while you’re covered with the onslaught of spring.

Are you drifting down?  Put your feet on the floor, stand up, and walk outside.  Keep standing while you close your eyes and listen.  God will help you to hear the sounds of nature that call you to rejoice.  Follow the lead of The Spirit of God as He wakes up your heart.

Whether up or down, do this exercise every day.  Allow Christ to bring you healing using the work of God’s Hands…He created all of this just for you!  I think you should blow Him a kiss again, don’t you?

Scripture to ponder:  Song of Songs 2:8-13  

Today’s Weapon:   “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”  Isaiah 40:8