Receive God’s Company

Hi everyone!

I know it’s not Friday…and it happened again. Things roll on well with posting here, that is until Fridays and the mania seems to take hold somehow. Then Saturday comes and I remember that I didn’t post. If you suffer through this stuff like me then you know that you aren’t alone…and it’s okay. It’s not that mania isn’t around the other days, mind you, but on Fridays it seems to loom larger sometimes.

I’ve decided to totally forgive myself and keep walking with Jesus. He’s Awesome and picks us up when we fall down…every time.

When getting up in the morning, we are to receive God’s love and company.

We talked about receiving God and God’s – and then receiving God’s love. Let’s look at receiving God’s company.

In 1 John 3, verse 1a, it is written: “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” God loves you with an everlasting love as we said before, and He longs for your company.

Remember that He loves you just the way you are right now. You don’t “clean up” for Him. Just hang out with Him every day just as you are that day. It’s fake to put on something that you aren’t feeling when you’re meeting God. He knows every inch of your heart and He knows when you’re hurting, happy, annoyed, panicked, angry, confused, depressed, worried, or manic. Nothing is kept from Him. He is wise and all-knowing.

I remember how I felt when I realized that God not only loved me, but He liked me, too. When it really sank into my heart that He desires to hang out with me, to be my Friend, and to do things together, it rocked my world. I still find it amazing that the God of The Universe wants to be with me. Seeing the earth from an airplane at twenty thousand feet makes everything look like a speck. You can’t even see a person at all. The land looks like a patchwork quilt. We are the teeniest tiniest creation. It seems like it would be unimportant to care for something so tiny. And YAHWEH wants to be with each one of us all the time.

Amazing. Grace. Wow.

God is your ALPHA! So when you wake up every day remember that God is there waiting for you to come to Him, allow Him to quiet your soul, and speak to you. Use your ears more than your mouth when you sit with Him in the morning. Let Him be The Foundation for your day. In fact, the harder you expect your day to be, the more time you should allow to sit with Him.

But listen – God is also your OMEGA! It is an “enormous” blessing to end the day with Him in a beautiful way. Make being with Him a part of your bedtime routine. Talk to Him about your day, sing to Him a song, if you want to vent, then vent! It’s okay…God knows your heart, and after you rant and rave step into the silence and allow God to comfort you, or convict you if necessary.

Sometimes I see myself sitting at Jesus’ Feet and leaning against His leg as I’m going to sleep. I feel loved and safe with this mindset as I drift off… The point is to remember to include Christ in your whole day, beginning and end. God really wants your company.

Oh, one more thing. This habit takes time, it takes a lifetime. If you are truly seeking Him with your heart, the Spirit of God will remind you that He’s calling. When He calls, do go running…the adventure is around the bend! And oh, what an adventure His company brings!