Finding Joy in These Times…

Hello, dear friends! I am strongly led to “dust off” the website, write words of encouragement, and share some tips that I have learned to help those who struggle mentally as we stay at home through the pandemic.

In addition to this new post, enjoy the other posts and short story on this site that I have written in the past. I incorrectly stopped writing, but I am drawn back by The Spirit who dots every “i” and crosses every “t”; somebody will get help through these things. God’s word never returns void.

How are you doing with staying home in this pandemic?

These are crazy and trying times right now. Sharing thoughts and feelings help those of us already battling mental challenges in “regular” life. Being inside the house every day is harder on many of us. So we’ll sit at the Feet of Christ and I will do my best to type His dictation.

How are you doing mentally? Are you unmotivated, confused, angry, sad, or all of those? Being with others is a balm to life. We are created to be social people and we need each other.

Oh, I miss being at worship and Sunday School with my brothers and sisters! I miss choir, Bible study, my prayer group, laughing in the hall with everyone, and all the hugging. I miss my friends – our lunches, shopping, and coffee get-togethers.

Most of all, I miss my family!! Not being able to be with them physically, hug them and hold them is breaking my heart. This being inside stinks in more ways than I can count. I know that I’m not alone in those feelings.

In isolation, mental things sometimes seem to grow larger than they really are. God knows what you’re going through, what you’re feeling. He showers on you His love, His care, His provisions, His Very Life. He gave Himself through His Son Jesus, Who is “The Very Life Of God.”

This website is a little place online to help those who need to closely tend to emotions and mental states, such as depression, panic attacks, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and addictions. Here we will praise God and learn about some ways to co-operate with God in order to live in His freedom while having to remain inside our homes. Remember that we’re doing the right thing to be inside. It’s hard some days, but staying inside is the right thing to do right now.

While we’re inside, let’s grow…in Christ, in wisdom, and together!


The suggestions and tips for today are important to combat mental difficulties. The first one is VITAL. Do not minimize them; pay attention.

First, every morning, receive God’s love and company. This is the most important rule in life. How? If you haven’t been sitting with Him quietly before, at this time you have no excuse. You’re in a position where you have time to sit with Him every day. It doesn’t matter how long…just do it. You don’t have to talk or say anything. Just sit in a chair in a quiet place and see yourself at His Feet.

Understand one important thing about this…you will not go from 60 mph to standing still in a few minutes. So don’t go saying, “Oh, I can’t do this because my mind wanders.” Well of course it does! It takes time to be stilled…wait on God. Ask Him to help your thoughts. Wait. Wait. Wait on God. In a little bit, He will help you. (Warning: this is a habit-forming, glorious activity.)

Second, get as much light as you can at the very beginning of each day. In the morning, when you get up, throw open every curtain in your house. Turn on the brightest lights inside as soon as possible. Then get outside to get the most important light of all – sunshine! Even in cloudy weather, you will get the light! Keep the light going all day. Stay in light! (I think there’s a sermon here…)

May the Holy Spirit of our salvation bring you joy today, both in your home, and more importantly, in your heart. I’ll post again on Friday…