Some Encouragement for You…while we walk…

This morning I’m led to encourage someone reading; somebody who’s going through a serious bipolar phase. Is this you?

Jesus is like a Holy River that runs sweetly through your heart. He will never leave you or forsake you – no matter what you go through, what you’re thinking, or how you’re feeling inside.

He is right with you, right NOW – at this very moment. Be still before Him, as quiet as you can be, and allow Him the opportunity to bring you the refreshing cleansing that He brings! He is your Hope, your Life, the One Who loves you more than anyone else could love you.

You CAN do this…you CAN allow Jesus access! If you need help to do the “CAN,” then ask Him for help right now. Hang with Him and wait. He is not a “Genie” – He is way outside the realm than something man can “make up”…He is Real. He is Living. And He is Present with you.

He stands before you now with Arms outstretched to bring you calm joy. Step into His Arms…

Read Psalm 139.    Believe. Those. Living. Words.    I’m praying for you!